Grow Your Own Indoor Lettuce Garden

growing lettuce indoors

You can have an indoor lettuce garden even in the winter. Growing lettuce is fun and satisfying and a great activity to do with kids. Fresh lettuce is healthier for us to eat than lettuce that has been picked earlier. The fresher the lettuce the better it is for us to eat. So if you have the room and they want it may be a good idea to plant your own winter lettuce garden so you can have fresh lettuce when you want it.
To grow an indoor lettuce garden you will need a good soil that has fertilizer in it to help grow healthy plants. You will also need some kind of pots to put the soil in. Some ideas for indoor pots are large, plain clay pots or plastic pots with good drainage. You could use a flat that can hold many plants in it. Make sure your pot is large because you won’t be transplanting these plants outdoors they will be staying in their pots. And you will need seed for what ever plants you want to grow indoors like lettuce, spinach, Swiss Card, etc.

After you get everything you need to start an indoor garden you are ready to plant. Take the pots and fill them with soil till the pot is full to a quarter inch from the top of the pot. Read the seed package to know how deep to put the seeds into the pot of soil and how long it will take the seeds to grow. After you have placed the seed into the soil water the soiled pot with the seed in it well so the soil is soaked.

After you have seeded your pots of soil place them in a sunny location or under a sun lamp. Lettuce seeds like a lot of sun and warmth to grow well. Check the seeds a couple times a day to make sure the soil stays moist and water them when they get too dry. Don’t let them get dried out keep them moist.

Soon you should have little plants in your pots of soil. It is fun to watch them grow and when they get big enough you can pick the plants and eat them. Always wash vegetables in clean water before you eat them even when they are grown indoors.

This is a good project to do with your kids. Children love to grow plants and by growing their very own lettuce garden it may give them the incentive to eat their salads.