Three Reasons to Have a Weather Radio

weather radio

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With storm season upon some of us and rapidly approaching in many other areas you will want to have a weather radio. I know that some people will say that the weather radios are too expensive to purchase, but I know that having a weather radio will have many benefits that you can enjoy and could possibly help save your life by providing a warning to you and your family. Here are some of the benefits that I have found from having a weather radio.
The first benefit of having a weather radio is that if they are like the one that I have they will have a clock on them so that if you lose power you will be able to tell what time it is even without having a normal clock to tell what time it is. I know that for me this is great because most of my clocks do not have a battery backup that works anymore.

The second benefit of having a weather alert radio is that it can alert you to weather that is heading your way that might be severe or possibly be severe. So you will have some advance warning of the weather that could be heading towards you. This means that even if a severe thunderstorm is heading towards you or a tornado you will have advanced enough warning typically with your weather radio to be able to find shelter of some sort and feel a little bit more secure in the knowledge that you will be in a safer area than you would have been with no warning.

The third benefit of having weather radio is if you miss the morning news or evening news with the weather you can listen to the report on the weather radio if you turn that feature on. The downside is that the voice of the person giving the weather forecast isn’t like your meteorologist on television and they typically do not change their voice pattern at all during the entire forecast so it is fairly easy to lose track of what day you are listening to.

I know that for some people having a weather radio could be expensive, but you will want to have one if you live in any area that can experience storms. I know that covers almost anyone in the United States, but we can all enjoy the benefits that are available from having a weather radio and then rest knowing that with the weather radio we will typically get some advanced notice of storms that are heading toward us.